Easy Tips for Special Needs Trusts

Nov 28, 2023 | Blog


Families with special needs members face a unique challenge: securing their future while navigating the complexities of Medicaid and SSI benefits in Texas. This guide unveils a strategic solution – the Special Needs Trust (SNT) – offering insights into safeguarding assets and maintaining eligibility.

The Challenge: Navigating Medicaid and SSI Eligibility

1. Understanding “Countable Assets”

Definition and Implications

The $2,000 Threshold

2. Risk Factors for Benefits

Inheritance and Windfalls

Jeopardizing Eligibility

The Solution: Special Needs Trust (SNT) Demystified

3. SNT Basics

Beneficiary-Centric Approach

Non-Countable Assets for Medicaid and SSI

4. Establishing an SNT

Source of Assets Overview

Timing Considerations

5. SNT Requirements

Self-Funded Trusts Criteria

Third-Party Trusts Distinctions

6. Getting Property into the Trust

Testamentary Trusts Simplified

Inter-vivos Trusts Dynamics

Self-Funded Trusts Challenges

Estate Planning for Special Needs Families

7. The Critical Role of a Well-Crafted Will

Seamless Property Transfer

Coordinated with SNT

8. The Law Office of Lisa Uresti, PLLC’s Assistance

Starting the Process

Securing Your Loved One’s Future


Estate planning for special needs families demands thoughtful consideration. A well-crafted will, combined with the strategic implementation of a Special Needs Trust, offers a pathway to transfer property without jeopardizing Medicaid and SSI eligibility. The Law Office of Lisa Uresti, PLLC stands ready to assist families in initiating this crucial process. Contact us today to secure your loved one’s future.


What is the $2,000 threshold for “countable assets”?

The $2,000 threshold refers to the maximum value of assets an individual can have while maintaining Medicaid and SSI eligibility in Texas.

How does a Special Needs Trust (SNT) differ from other trusts?

An SNT is specifically designed to hold property for the sole benefit of the disabled individual, ensuring non-countable assets for Medicaid and SSI.

What is the Medicaid payback requirement for Self-Funded Trusts?

Assets must be placed before the beneficiary turns 65, with a Medicaid payback requirement for Self-Funded Trusts.

How can The Law Office of Lisa Uresti, PLLC assist in estate planning?

The Law Office of Lisa Uresti, PLLC is ready to help families start the process of creating a will and Special Needs Trust, ensuring a secure future for their loved ones.

Is there a fee for initiating the estate planning process with Lisa Uresti, PLLC?

For detailed information on fees and assistance, please contact The Law Office of Lisa Uresti, PLLC directly.

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