Estate Planning

Estate Planning

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Creating a will holds more significance than you may realize. Failing to establish one can have several disadvantages. If you are uncertain about whether to create a will, consider the following points:

    1. No designated executor: Without a will, your assets and plans may be at risk. Failing to choose an executor in advance can lead to complications, delays, additional expenses, and potential loss of property.
    2. Protection for your children: By not creating a will or trust, you jeopardize the well-being of your children. Without specifying a guardian, they may end up in foster care or under government care.
    3. Loss of control over your final wishes: Not having a will can deny you the opportunity to have a burial or funeral service according to your preferences.
    4. Inheritance issues: Without a will, your children may not receive their rightful inheritance or may face disputes over assets.
    5. Spousal inheritance concerns: Spouses do not automatically inherit property without a will. Considering your spouse’s living arrangements and financial well-being becomes crucial.
    6. Cost-effective planning: Creating a will is more affordable than dealing with disputes in court.

Preparing a will helps resolve conflicts and ensures your assets are distributed appropriately. It is advisable to establish a will early, regardless of age.

Disclaimer: This article provides a general summary of the issues that may arise without a will or estate planning. Lisa Uresti, an attorney at the Law Office of Lisa Uresti, PLLC, specializes in Trusts & Estates and Business Transactions.

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