Taking Estate Planning Advice From An AI Bot or Computer Program

Oct 27, 2023 | Estate Planning

Artificial Intelligence and chatbots have made huge advances in the past years. But do you think technology is ready to help you with emotional decisions such as writing your will? We don’t think so.  Just like when you search the internet for advice, it might be right, but it might be wrong, especially when it comes to legal details in your specific state or your specific situation. And it may cost you lots of your hard earned money to fix the wrongs. 

You have worked so hard for your home, money and all the assets you acquired over your entire lifetime. The reason you prepare a will or trust is to leave these assets to your family and loved ones.

    Do you really want to trust these emotional decisions to some computer programmed for basic information?

    There are many reasons  you do not want to trust a DIY service or chatbot to write your will.  DIY wills do not address your specific needs and can often give you wrong information or advice regarding your will. AI and chatbots have the same limitations; they cannot make decisions that are flexible enough to suit everyone.

   Do not be fooled into thinking that saving a few dollars by getting legal advice from some AI bot. Plus, you may not save any money after the AI platform charges you monthly fees you do not know about. 

Here at the Law Office of Lisa Uresti, PLLC, we know…

     You, your family and loved ones deserve the best. You have worked hard to accumulate wealth and assets, so do not let an AI bot determine where your assets go.

    If you do decide to use an AI bot for estate planning, we are happy to review the documents to ensure you protect your property and your family. 

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